Beloved Tatras in summer

Greetings to you! Welcome to the Tatras, wherever you are, we believe you are ready for unforgettable Tatra adventures. We, the Tatra people, have some summer tips for you on trips, places and attractions that are simply a must-see.

The Tatras offer diverse opportunities

You just have to decide where to go. For less experienced and more casual hikers, hikes along valleys, nature trails or mountain huts are suitable. If you are looking for an easy hike, we recommend: a hike to Hrebienok, Rainer's hut, Studenovodské vodopády, Vodopád skok or Popradské Pleso. 
On the other hand, adventurers and especially more experienced hikers can go in the Tatras to higher mountains, saddles, Tatra peaks or longer routes that connect several tourist sites. Here are a few tips: hike to Rysy, Kriváň or Tatra Magistrala, which are among the longer to all-day hikes and also among the favorite routes of hikers. 
TIPS : If you are looking for a unique adrenaline experience, the Via ferrata over the Priečná sedlo is a great choice. This is a relatively new secured route, which has been open since 2021. This adventure trail runs along the rock walls, taking you to the most challenging but beautiful corners of the Tatra Mountains. However, if you have higher ambitions, Končistá is one of the most interesting climbs. Since it is a peak where the accompaniment of a mountain guide is necessary, we recommend to use the 20% discount MYAPLEND.
Water inherently belongs to summer - refreshment in the form of relaxation or fun. If you are holidaying or travelling in the Tatra Mountains, it is not far to go for a swim in the hot summer days. The modern Aquacity Poprad water park offers something for everyone, and with MYAPLEND you have a 15% discount on entry. You can enjoy the water in the swimming pool, the outdoor thermal pools and the indoor relaxation pools, where a laser show takes place every evening, which is a unique experience.  
For adrenaline and fast-paced enthusiasts, there are several outdoor and indoor water slides worth checking out. On the other hand, for those who have come to relax both body and mind, there is the Fire & Water Wellness & Spa, where you can cool off in the snow cave or warm up in the different types of saunas.

Gourmet tourism 

After all the adventures that you will experience every day in the Tatras, you will definitely get hungry, and as they say, a fed visitor is a satisfied visitor. Whether you are tempted to taste traditional home-cooked meals or other specialties of modern cuisine, in our APLEND restaurants: Olívia Restaurant in Tatranská Lomnica, Koliba Kamzík in Stary Smokovec and Salaš in Veľká Slavkov you can do "gourmet tourism" and taste new interesting flavours during your visit to the Tatra Mountains. In each of these restaurants you can also enjoy a discounted menu at super prices as a MYAPLEND member.

If you are a cycling enthusiast, how about getting to know the Tatras from the saddle of an e-bike? 

More than 300 km of marked cycling routes of varying difficulty, designed for everyone. So cyclists who like easy routes or, on the contrary, difficult climbs will find their own. With the E-bike from ABL you can get to any destination without any problems and you still have a 10% discount with MYAPLEND. Our tips: a pleasant cycling route to Sliezsky Dom or Popradské Pleso or a full-day cycling tour along the Tatra Cycle Route, which offers beautiful views of the Tatras.

Admiring the peaks of the Tatra Mountains from the level of Štrbské Pleso 

You can see our most visited Tatra lake from a completely different angle, just hop in a boat. Yes, boating is also one of the popular attractions of Štrbské Pleso. Visitors enjoy and take advantage of boating especially during the summer months, when the magnificent views of the surrounding nature during the cruise make for a perfect romantic or unique family experience.

Known unknown 

Apart from the views from the Tatra spits and peaks, the Tatras also offer a number of lower-lying places that are worth a look. From beautiful mountain scenery to interesting places with history around the Tatras. A few tips from us: the Symbolic Cemetery at Popradské Pleso, the Calvary on a nice lookout, the Smokovecká acid in Stary Smokovec, the Botanical Garden in Tatranská Lomnica or the Lakes of Love in Štrbské Pleso.

For those who want to enjoy an effortless view of the Tatras 

Do you want to get to know the higher beauties of the Tatra Mountains without having to travel for several hours to reach them? In the Tatras, cable cars are a great way to get to remote and harder to reach places without any problems. We have a total of 3 cable car routes in the Tatras, which can be found in Tatranská Lomnica, Štrbské Pleso and Stary Smokovec. These cableways will take you to Hrebienok, Skalnaté Pleso, Predné Solisko, Lomnický štít or Lomnické sedlo.

Unique Tatra experiences  

Apart from exploring the surrounding nature and hiking opportunities, the Tatras offer much more. We are referring to various adventure and amusement parks, where individuals, families and couples can have fun. Visual art, optical illusions or physical mysteries - all this can be found in the interactive Tatra galleries - Kvantarium, Poliankovo, Tatry vnútri and Tricklandia. We also have something for autistic people - the Pedal Planet pedal car museum in Nová Polianka and for small visitors - the interactive gallery Dobra Hračka in Tatranská Lomnica and the Dinopark in Dolný Smokovec. If you are planning a visit to any of these galleries, you can use MYAPLEND 20% discount on entry.

It looks like you have a whole week to do in the Tatras. We hope that you will discover new corners, have fun and discover new tastes of the Tatras. But most importantly, you will leave with unforgettable experiences that you will remember with a smile.
We look forward to seeing you!