Children and adults love it. Do you know Adventure Golf?

Why is Adventure Golf gaining popularity so quickly around the world? Because you get the real feeling of actually playing golf. At the same time, you will practice patience, motor skills, estimation, but you will also compete and have a lot of fun. But before that, we'll tell you some interesting facts about the sport in a smaller edition.

Did you know, that...

1. The world record for a minigolf score is 18 strokes for 18 holes and there are more than 1000 players who have managed to get such a score.
2. Nordic countries that have long polar nights have created a unique form of light miniature golf where both the course and the golf ball glow.
3. Minigolf has more than 11 names and nicknames... including Crazy golf, Silly golf or even Extreme golf.
4. Minigolf was created thanks to women who at that time could not play classic golf, which was only for men. Therefore, they created a version with a smaller course.
5. World Mini-golf Day is September 21.

So, are you coming to play?