Mysterious Legends of the Tatras

Legend of Gerlachovský štít

Legend tells of a princess who was kidnapped by an overseas prince. While trying to escape, she fell into a chasm and her tears turned into a waterfall that still falls from Gerlach.

Tatra dragon, guardian of the mountains

According to the legend, a dragon hides in the deep valleys of the Tatra Mountains, guarding treasures and protecting nature from evil. This legendary creature is associated with the wild and mysterious side of the Tatras. It is believed that the dragon only comes to the surface when the mountains are threatened.

The fight for the Zelené pleso

One of the most widespread legends says that once upon a time there was a fight between a great eagle and a huge snake for the Zelené pleso. This story speaks of the power of nature and the eternal battle between good and evil. According to the legend, traces of this duel can be seen on the rocks around the lake.

The enchanted valley of the Kôprovský štít

Kôprovský štít is one of the most important peaks in the Tatras. Legend has it that there is an enchanted valley in its surroundings where sounds and time change. Those who enter it can get lost or return with extraordinary abilities.

Secrets of Biele plesá

It is a group of lakes in the Tatras, where, according to legend, there is a riddle and a powerful creature in the surface that guards the entrance to the underground kingdom. Those who can solve the riddle will gain access to infinite wisdom and wealth.

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