Where to go for good food?

True Salaš in the foothills of the High Tatras - Salaš, Veľký Slavkov

A great stop before or after a visit to the High Tatras. Restaurant Salaš Slavkov is located on the route Poprad - Starý Smokovec at the beginning of the village Veľký Slavkov. The exterior of the Salaš, which is in the design of a traditional wooden cottage, will get you in the first place. 
On the second one you will get the charm of the interior, which is furnished in the spirit of the Slovak countryside. It is beautifully complemented by specific elements along with traditional folk music and, of course, scents that make you salivate. However, the varied menu hides more than traditional dishes or favourite classics, you can also discover new interesting tastes at Salaš. The use of local and seasonal fresh produce is a staple in the preparation of meals at Salaša. Just like that, every dish is prepared with passion and care.  
EVENTS: has a conference room with a capacity of 70 seats and a "country room" with a capacity of 56 seats.  
CONTACTS: +421 902 220 620, info@salas.sk , www.salas.sk, Tatranská 4, Veľký Slavkov

Traditional slovak reštaurant v srdci Tatier – Koliba Kamzík, Starý Smokovec

A unique place with elements of Slovak customs and traditions. Thanks to its atmosphere and flavours, it has been one of the top restaurants in the High Tatras for many years. Koliba Kamzík is a traditional Slovak restaurant, which you will not miss if you are in Stary Smokovec. 
A combination of home-made Slovak cuisine complemented by modern tastes from around the world. Lovers of traditional cuisine, i.e. bryndza gnocchi, strapacka or potato shúľancs, but also enthusiasts of steaks, fresh grilled fish or vegetarian salads will find their own at Koliba. 
TIP: Every Friday and Saturday from 17.00 to 21.00, live Gypsy music will play with your tasty meal. 
EVENTS: Koliba Kamzík offers pleasant seating in a cosy lounge with a capacity of up to 20 people. 
CONTACTS: +421 902 899 111, koliba@kamzik.sk, www.kamzik.skStarý Smokovec 8

Restaurant where dreams come true - Olívia Restaurant, Nový Smokovec/Tatranská Lomnica

If you are a lover of modern cuisine, then Olívia Restaurant is the right choice for you. A modern restaurant in the Tatra Mountains, which will win you, among other things, with its stylish interior reminiscent of a modern mountain chalet.  
The restaurant can be found in two popular Tatra locations, in Tatranská Lomnica in Hotel Kukučka and in Villa Olívia in Nový Smokovec. The food offer in Olívia Restaurant is really varied, you can enjoy from delicious steaks to the dishes of our grandmothers in a modern presentation. In addition, you have the opportunity to taste from a selection of special seasonal drinks or a selection of fine wines.  
EVENTS: Tatranská Lomnica offers a total of three rooms. There is an entrance room with a bar, a smaller room and a glazed conservatory with a passage to the outdoor terrace. The total capacity of the indoor area is up to 80 people.  
EVENTS: Nový Smokovec has indoor facilities for up to 40 people and a year-round winter garden with an additional 20 seats. 
+421 903 864 757, kukucka@oliviarestaurant.sk, www.oliviarestaurant.sk, Tatranská Lomnica 14646 
+421 903 582 679, info@oliviarestaurant.sk, www.oliviarestaurant.sk, Nový Smokovec 19258 
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