With e-bike for a beautiful view

You go to the mountains for relaxation and each of us imagines it a little differently. Adventurous types can take advantage of the diversity of the Tatra terrain and climb the views on bicycles or you can make it easier with an e-bike in these our high mountains. If you have gone through an exhausting period and need to simply "switch off", not thinking about work and responsibilities, a cycling tour can be a great dopamine injection for you. You can choose either alpine routes directly in the Tatras or you can choose routes connected with the foothills of the Tatras and beautiful views of our Slovak high mountains. 

Traikls in the High Tatras

Tatranská Štrba – Štrbské pleso – Popradské pleso (13 km / prevýšenie > 410m) 

Štrbské pleso – Sliezky dom (42 km / prevýšenie > 1530 m) 

Podtatranská magistrála (spolu 70 km / prevýšenie > 580 m) 

Smokovec – Hrebienok – Bilíková chata (3 km / prevýšenie > 260 m) 

Podbanské - Kôprová dolina (8 km / prevýšenie > 263 m) 

Podbanské – Tichá dolina (12 km / prevýšenie > 350 m) 

Čierna voda – Chata Plesnivec (10 km / prevýšenie > 440m) 

Tatranská Lomnica – Chata pri zelenom plese (12 km / prevýšenie > 650 m) 


Trails in the foothills of the Tatras

Tatranská Štrba – Važecká jaskyňa (23 km / prevýšenie < 120 m) 

Tatranská Štrba – Čierny Váh (37 km / prevýšenie > 640 m) 

Štrbské pleso – Štôla - Gerlachov (40 km / prevýšenie > 990 m) 

Popradská cyklomagistrála – Lopušná dolina (12 km / prevýšenie < 70 m) 

Poprad – Lom Kvetnica (5 km / 60 m) 

Rent an e-bike

You can rent electric bicycles from ABL in Tatranská Štrba (www.abl.sk). The advantage of picking up an e-bike directly in Tatranská Štrba is free parking right next to the rental office. But if you want to save your energy for a hike or prefer to take a little longer nap in the morning, from Štrbské pleso to Tatranská Lomnica, you can have an e-bike delivered right to the door of the hotel. The import of e-bikes to Štrbské Pleso is free, the remaining part of the Tatras is for an additional fee. We even offer children's bicycles, trailers and adult bicycle seats.

Recreational cycling is definitely a good idea! It will tire your body, clear your head and you will be happy, in addition, members of the MYAPLEND loyalty club are offered by the electric bike rental company ABL.sk a 10% discount.