Come with us to Tricklandia!

Get to know Tatras with us

Come with us to Tricklandia!

Have you tried Ticklandia in Stary Smokovec? We did and it is definitely worth your time to try it too. But before you head there in person, explore Tricklandia with us...

Come with us to Tricklandia!

We have entered the world of trick-art and optical illusions: the place really looks like you sometimes don't know if it's reality or a dream, and every step we take is another mystery.  

Tricklandia covers an area of 1000 m2, but if we are honest, the size is just a number. The real treat is the 24 attractions and 30 trick-art paintings that literally immerse us in another world. Augmented reality, anti-gravity rooms, a mirror maze and many more. We also noticed beautiful themes of Slovak folk tales, fairy tales and realities of villages and castles in Slovakia such as Vlkolinec, Dunajec or Bojnice castle. 


But what is trick-art?  

Trick-art is an art form that manipulates visual impressions, often creating illusions that the objects in the painting have depth and reality, when in reality they are just flat drawings. This illusion requires the active engagement of really all the senses. The brain often deceives us, we perceive images without thinking. Our first reaction is to consider the things in the picture as real, but upon deeper reflection we realize that it is just a trick. And that was very fascinating to us.  

Are you going to do it too? After all, there's nothing better than discovering the world of illusion with a discount in hand. Just show your MYAPLEND loyalty number and you'll get a 20% discount on admission. 

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