Come with us to Poliankovo!

Get to know Tatras with us

Come with us to Poliankovo!

In this digital gallery, enjoy inaccessible places to the fullest...

Come with us to Poliankovo!

A gallery where art goes hand in hand with technology. We were curious about the iconic virtual reality, 3D projection, hologram, shadow play and more. Believe it or not, there's something for everyone in these spaces of innovation. We had the opportunity to experience firsthand the little-explored places that only brave adventurers have explored. We also tried out real components that have been used in expeditions, or even the "role" of a high-altitude porter. 


In addition, there is always something new to discover in Poliankov, as one part of the town regularly hosts exhibitions of various painters, documentary filmmakers or photographers, which are always in the spirit of interesting topics.  

However, the gallery is not just about passive observation, there is also a souvenir shop if you want to take a piece of art home and a café where they offer amazing Italian coffee, even with the possibility of selfieccino. (Your picture on the coffee) 

Are you in for it too? After all, there's nothing better than admiring digital art with a discount in hand. Just show your MYAPLEND loyalty number and you'll get a 20% discount on entry to Poliankovo. 

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