Come with us on ADVENTURE GOLF!

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Come with us on ADVENTURE GOLF!

Even mini golf can be an adventure. Just come to us in Veľký Slavkov. But first read about it... 

Come with us on ADVENTURE GOLF!

Let's start with a little bit about this "type" of golf. Adventure Golf came to us from North America, where it is a popular recreational and professional sport. It's basically normal golf, just played on a smaller area. Don't look for the classic obstacles known from miniature golf, there are uneven or elevated paths.  It is played with golf clubs designed for wandering or with miniature golf mallets and a golf ball. 


Pick up the sticks and off you go!
We have a unique 18-hole miniature golf course where you can trust us to test your concentration, patience, motor skills and guesswork, we know what we're talking about. Be prepared for a competitive atmosphere too, everyone wants to be first. 

The whole game took us about half an hour, but you can definitely stretch it out with debates or breaks in between. :) During golf we experienced not only tension, but mainly a lot of fun.  Plus, the whole course is designed to challenge all ages, so you're guaranteed to have fun with the whole family.  Plus you can reward yourself at the end in the Salaš Slavkov restaurant.  

Are you up for it too? After all, there's nothing better than playing miniature golf with your loved ones with a discount in hand. Just show your MYAPLEND loyalty number and you will get a 35% discount on admission to Adventure Golf.  

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