Come with MYAPLEND to AquaCity Poprad!

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Come with MYAPLEND to AquaCity Poprad!

Have you been to the largest water paradise under the Tatras? If not, find out what you can expect in AquaCity Poprad...

Come with MYAPLEND to AquaCity Poprad!

AquaCity is really the biggest water park in the Tatras. It's a place where you can have fun and relax at the same time, and what's more, you can go there all year round! 

In the AquaCity you will find 13 outdoor and indoor swimming pools with thermal water with temperatures from 28 °C to 38 °C, water slides and more than 350 water attractions. One of them, for example, was the Mayan Pyramid, which is one of the best attractions for us. It is open during the whole summer season and children or even lovers of smaller adrenaline rushes and fast water slides will find it to their liking. In addition, AuqaCity has restaurants, bars, a fitness centre, a sports shop and a gift and souvenir shop.


Interesting fact: Did you know that the water that is fed into the AquaCity area comes from a natural underground source? This water in the thermal pools springs from a depth of up to 1300m and contains more than 20 different minerals that have a beneficial effect on human health.

Are you going to do it too? There is nothing better than discovering the water world with a discount in hand. Just show your MYAPLEND loyalty number and you will get a 20% discount on entry to AquaCity Poprad.

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