Get to know the MOUNTAIN CARRIERS with us!

Get to know Tatras with us

Get to know the MOUNTAIN CARRIERS with us!

The "craft" of our porters, otherwise known as sherpas, helps to ensure that we never run out of anything in the mountains. They are the only ones of their kind to carry dozens of kilograms of cargo on their shoulders to the alpine huts several times a week. 

Get to know the MOUNTAIN CARRIERS with us!

The role of a mountain porter is therefore to carry various things on his back to high mountain huts or to buildings in the mountains. It can be food, consumables, fuel building materials and more. The load has to be fixed on special stretchers, which can have different shapes and be made of different materials. 

Nowadays, there are still many alpine huts, which are supplied by porters, in the Low or High Tatras or even in Veľká Fatra. Amongst some of them is the Chalet of General Milan R. Štefánik, Kamenná chata pod Chopkom, Téry's chalet, Rainer's chalet or Chata pod Borišovom.

The history of mountain carriers in the High Tatras dates back to the 19th century, when the first mountain huts began to be built to serve as a refuge for hikers and mountaineers. The need for mountain porters arose because it was not possible to transport materials and supplies to these high mountain areas except on foot.

The first mountain carriers were locals who were experienced in moving in the mountains. From Jurgov sherpas carried sheep on their backs to Murán in the Belianske Tatras.
Interesting fact: Remains of the ladders they used to climb up have been preserved until the middle of the 20th century.

Even today, in the age of modern technology, mountain porters still play an important role, especially in high mountain places where transport by other means is simply impossible. Their work is recognised and regarded as a symbol of courage and perseverance in tackling the harsh conditions of mountain nature. High-mountain portering was even included in the representative list of intangible cultural heritage of Slovakia in 2018.

As a member of MYAPLEND you have the opportunity to experience on "your own back" what it is like to be a high mountain sherpa. Take advantage of the 20% discount on the Sherpa team and take a guided tour with an experienced porter. 

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