Come with us to the Kvantarium!

Get to know Tatras with us

Come with us to the Kvantarium!

The interactive gallery of light on the iconic Hrebienok, you simply have to experience it. We'll tell you a few things we saw that caught our eye and what the concept of this gallery is.  

Come with us to the Kvantarium!

We can straightforwardly say that the Kvantarium is really for everyone. It is fun and educational and besides the presentation of interesting exhibits you will also get a great explanation of how and why the phenomena are created. The whole show was in a fairytale spirit, so we think it's a great experience for both children and adults.
However, we definitely recommend booking a date to visit the gallery. This will avoid queuing or other complications.


There are 8 rooms in total in the gallery, which you go through one by one. The concept of the gallery is that it presents science and physics in themes related to light. We saw an amazing laser show, video mapping, tried our hand at drawing with light and marveled at physics mysteries and special effects.

You definitely won't get bored and you can take perfect photos. :)

Are you going to do it too? After all, there is nothing better than admiring the physical mysteries of light with a discount in hand. Just show your MYAPLEND loyalty number and you will get a 20% discount on admission to the Kvantarium.

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