Come with us to Pedal planet!

Get to know Tatras with us

Come with us to Pedal planet!

You will be transported to the world of small cars and one of the largest collections of pedal cars in the world. We really had a blast. Find out what all we managed to see there.

Come with us to Pedal planet!

Just upon entering, we were able to see the various wall displays of toy cars, When we entered the main exhibition room, we were literally amazed. We had the opportunity to view over 120 pedal car exhibits from all over the world. 

Much of the gallery's collection consists of rare Formula 1 and Indianapolis cars from leading brands such as Giordani, Gimca, Pines, Morrelet Guerineau, and Rosca. Iconic models of Porsche, Mercedes and Jaguar were also present. 


Fans of Formula 1 and especially Ferrari, which has its own corner as the king of motorsport, will also find something to enjoy here. There you can learn about the rich history of the Italian Ferrari brand and take a nice photo. 

We also saw rare exhibits in an unrestored find or a few pedal bikes. A separate section in Pedal Planet is also made up of rockets and planes under an animated starry sky.
In addition, you will also find themed photo booths, attractions for children and even interactive guides in the premises. 

Are you in for it too? After all, there's nothing better than a special collection of discounted pedal cars in hand. Just show your MYAPLEND loyalty number and you'll get 20% off admission to Pedal Planet.

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