Come with us to Dobra hracka!

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Come with us to Dobra hracka!

A unique children's interactive gallery under the Tatras, which you should definitely try if you are on holiday with smaller children. Let's briefly tell you what you can find there. 

Come with us to Dobra hracka!

The gallery is really large and you will find up to 12 stations with professions such as doctor, fireman, policeman, fashion designer, chef, astronaut, archaeologist and others. One of the main attractions of the gallery is the traffic playground, where children ride on toy cars and learn the basics of road traffic.

The concept of the gallery is to combine fun with practical knowledge. Children will also find a variety of unconventional toys, which are tested and recommended directly by the gallery staff.


There is also a shop with unique toys and souvenirs. There you will also find the aforementioned unusual toys, thanks to which both children and adults can play not only with fun, but also with reason. 

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